HPC Needle Advanced Hub for JUVEDERM®

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HPC advanced hub with a specific fitting for JUVEDERM® syringes. TSKiD™ Max technology in combination with the unique HPC Advanced Hub geometry results in a dermal filler needle with the best possible flow rate, making filler injections easier and more comfortable.

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Features & benefits

Specific fitting for JUVEDERM® syringes

Experience enhanced precision with HPC needles featuring custom fittings for Juvederm syringes. Minimize leakage, prevent pop-offs, and achieve an ideal flow rate for seamless, controlled procedures.

Larger inner diameter with TSKiD™ Technology

HPC needles come with TSKiD™ Max barrels. TSK has developed special TSKiD™ needle barrels that have enlarged inner diameters. TSKiD™ technology differentiates TSKiD™ Standard, Large and MAX. Where the inner diameter of a 30G needle compared to the ISO standard increases up to 65% with TSKiD™ Max.

Advanced hub geometry

Dermal fillers have a high viscosity and contain small particles that make injections more difficult. The HPC hub has a wider internal geometry for improved flow rates. The HPC hub also has an overall shorter length than the PRC hub.

External 360 hub threading

The HPC or “advance hub” allows for an even tighter luer lock connection because of the built-in exterior treading. Preventing “pop-off” of the hub when the dermal filler needle is exposed to high pressures.

Hard polymer hub

HPC hubs are made using an extremely hard polymer preventing “flexing” of the hub when exposed to high pressures which ultimately prevents leakage and needle pop-off.








Hard polymer, Stainless steel




Sharp hypodermic needle


Dermal filler


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