PRE Needle Regular Hub

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The PRE Regular Hub Needle boasts ultra-sharpness that endures, offering exceptional longevity. Its diverse size range ensures versatility, pairing seamlessly with nearly all syringes for unmatched compatibility..

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Features & benefits

Larger inner diameter with TSKiD™

PRE needles come with TSKiD™ Max Large. TSK has developed special TSKiD™ needle barrels that have enlarged inner diameters. TSKiD™ technology differentiates TSKiD™ Standard, Large and MAX. Where the inner diameter of a 30G needle compared to the ISO standard increases up to 65% with TSKiD™ Max.

Available in up to 33G

TSK Regular hub needles are available in size 30G, 32G and 33G. In a length of 13mm, 9mm, 6mm and 4 mm. The wide sizes enables low pain injections and optimal overall patient experience.


22G, 30G, 32G, 33G


100mm, 13mm, 4mm, 6mm, 70mm, 9mm


Large, Standard


Polypropylene, Stainless steel




Sharp hypodermic needle


Botulinum Toxin, Mesotherapy


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